Cavoke  1.1.0
A Platform for creating and hosting multiplayer turn-based board games
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Cavoke Client

About the client

Cavoke Client (aka. main cavoke client, main client, host application) is the application that a user interacts with before joining the desired game.

This application dynamically launches QML client components and attaches to them, allowing them to send requests through it: without any authentication, game session information (this is added by the cavoke client).

Cavoke Client is also responsible for persisting the connection, authentication. All game rooms, sessions interfaces are also shown directly in the cavoke client application.

How to Use


Cavoke client is a Qt application, hence it is required to run it. Both Qt 5 and Qt 6 are supported. Qt 5 required: 5.15.3 or newer.

External dependencies

ECM and KArchive by KDE are required as external dependencies, you can find their sources in the third_party folder.

KDE Craft

The easiest way to build the cavoke client is through the KDE Craft buildsystem. Craft blueprint is available here.


Cavoke Client is automatically released on Windows, macOS and Linux (using AppImage) via KDE Craft and CPack. You can find the latest release on GitHub.